We are family

At the Midland Academies Trust, in the words of Sister Sledge, we are family!  We really are that close, and together we are stronger. 

Simon Lomax, Executive Principal at The Midland Academies Trust

Our four secondary academies being within a 10-mile radius gives us the ability to do great things for our workforce and the community we serve.Every time one person does something in our Trust it saves time for three others - occasionally one person does something, and it saves time for 380 others!

We share, we collaborate, we jointly do everything we can to ensure we have the best practice, the best curriculum, the best support, and together we accelerate progress, and reduce workload. Our staff know and work together with the same vision and values to improve the lives of young people in our community.

In the last 8 months, the benefits of being a family have been enormous, not just having people on the end of the phone or on a screen who you can discuss and share best practice with, but our close proximity to one another has meant we could share the resilience of staffing, offer joint provision, share our resources and respond as one. Local trusts serving a local community are the future.

We share a platform for remote learning, and centrally plan, prepare, and lead on all aspects of risk assessment, and COVID communications for our communities. Our central team enable our schools to focus on the core business of teaching and learning by doing anything we can to reduce pressure and do something once, replicated four times. Together we are stronger. 

Our schools maintain their distinct character and styles, but in the classroom, you know and feel you are in a Midland Academies Trust school, by the delivery, the curriculum, and the expectations. 

We have a kitemark for reducing workload as a result of our commitment to doing what matters and not wasting time on the things that don’t. For example, our teachers give verbal feedback and make sure pupils improve their work and correct mistakes, rather than spending hours of their personal time marking books. 

We care for our pupils. We have a warm strict approach with high expectations of everyone, that shows them how much we love them and want them to succeed. We have high hopes for the future and share our love for education with each other and our communities.

We are a Trust that has faith in each other and trusts our staff to do a great job. Our approach means we develop great teachers and great leaders.

Our approach means we together accelerate progress and reduce workload. We are the Midland Academies Trust, and we create successful futures!