Inclusivity statement

Commitment to inclusivity

The Midland Academies Trust are committed to being inclusive in our approach to, and ambitions for, our students. Whilst we are relentless in our pursuit of higher standards for all students in our care this is balanced by our wider social and moral obligation to put the best interests of our students first.

  • Our curriculum is based upon the best that has been thought and said, and is a broad and balanced offer for all students
  • Our students are carefully supported towards making informed choices about the right curriculum pathways for them as individuals at the end of Year 9
  • Our approach to student conduct is based upon principles of being 'warm-strict' - supportive to our individual students whilst also consistent in our expectations
  • Our academies work closely with local area partnerships and share a commitment to fulfilling the statutory right for every child to an education
  • Our parents are key partners in their child's education and we will always work closely with them to ensure that all our students leave at the end of Year 11 with the right qualifications, experiences and skills for the next phase of their life.