Family Liasion Officer

At the Midland Academies Trust, we protect and promote the mental, physical, intellectual, and emotional health of young people. We do this by ensuring they are safe, happy, and successful, enjoying the very best of what has been thought and said in an environment which builds their capacity to become leaders of the future.

A vacancy has arisen for a Family Liaison Officer based at George Eliot Academy.

Joining our Family of Schools

The Midland Academies Trust is a close-knit family of schools where we believe that our staff are our greatest resource. Everything we do as a Trust has to fulfil the twin aims of accelerating student progress and reducing staff workload – if it doesn’t achieve both we simply don’t do it

We want it to be easy for our staff to help students achieve well and be prepared for a successful future. That’s why we continually review how we work and actively promote teachers as experts in their classrooms; provide a curriculum which is rich and deep in knowledge and work within a network of schools committed to using and sharing research led practice. We believe in strong subject communities working together to reduce individual staff workload

Our Trust commitments to every member of staff:

  1. Our students have clear classroom routines so no time is wasted
  2. Our teachers give whole class feedback, not individualised marking
  3. Our middle leaders focus on student learning, not data input
  4. Our senior leaders manage student conduct on behalf of our staff
  5. Our faculties plan and work together on shared approaches
  6. Our five year curriculum is highly ambitious and knowledge-led
  7. Our staff are valued as professional experts in their field
  8. Our Trust sets time for collaboration and learning from experts
  9. Our annual calendar of meetings and events are released before the start of the academic year
  10. Our five year, knowledge-rich curriculum features common examination boards across all schools

The successful candidate will:

  • Have relevant Level 3 qualifications    
  • Evidence of recent professional development   
  • Experience of working in an educational institution, social care or family support worker role
  • Experience of working with families  
  • Have an understanding of the needs of children, young people and families and the impact of issues on family lives   
  • Understanding the intrinsic link between safeguarding and progress.   
  • Understand the importance of relationships and the role staff play in safeguarding and supporting young people and their families.

How to Apply

The closing date is 31st Jan 2022.

Please send completed applications to