We believe in creating a culture of supportive self-reflection, personal development and accountability for all staff.

Our approach to appraisal

At the Midland Academies Trust, we want an appraisal system that effects every member of staff to truly feel a professional obligation to improve, but through which, every member of staff receives the regular coaching and opportunities necessary to support that improvement and then is able to discuss and celebrate impact before identifying the next development opportunity in their practice.

We expect all staff to be ambitious and strive to achieve their targets. Appraisal is an ongoing process, and should not just be discussed once a year in the autumn term. This guidance is founded on the basis of professional trust. It is assumed, unless evidence from regular Quality Assurance proves otherwise, that teachers are meeting the Teacher Standards as laid out by The School Teachers Appraisal for England and Wales, and that support staff are completing their roles and responsibilities to at least a satisfactory level.

Those not yet meeting these standards and expectations will be identified through regular line management meetings and supported by the Trust’s policies for teachers experiencing difficulty or capability.

Establishing progress and impact

A balanced judgement will be made on progress:

  • Achieved or sufficient progress towards.

  • Not Achieved or insufficient progress towards.

Evidence of progress will be agreed e.g. CPD certificates, MAT standards reviews, feedback from others, data/mark sheets.

Any initiative delivered as part of appraisal must have a successful impact on standards. A clear range of success criteria will be set e.g. in relation to pupil outcomes in their area of responsibility and outlined within a faculty or subject action plan – this may include, for example, overall performance of pupil groups, a year group, or a particular class impact. These should be comprehensive and reflect as fully as possible the breadth of responsibility exercised.

Targets should be ambitious, easily measured numerically where possible, and have a positive impact on the raising of standards. The Trust recognises the need for the highest standards of performance and accountability for staff. Detailed evaluations of each of the targets need to be taken into account, with a balanced view of success being taken across all targets to ensure that the appraisal process assesses comprehensively against complex job descriptions and outcomes.

The final determinant of success will be an evaluation of the outcomes for all targets and their success criteria