Benefits for your school and community

What are the benefits for your school and community?

  • We are focused on high quality teaching and learning. We have a shared trust curriculum developed by some of the best subject experts nationally. The curriculum is fully resourced and is adapted and updates regularly by our subject network teams which include all staff across the Trust.
  • Our central Team and back office functions ensure that schools are enabled to focus on the core business of teaching and learning.
  • We have subject specialists and para teachers who can support delivery and free up other staff for PPA/staff development time.
  • We have spaces that can be shared, such as sports facilities, practical teaching spaces.
  • All of our schools have a minibus, and these are often shared to enable more pupils to access extra-curricular opportunities without additional costs to our schools or families.

The MAT provides the support and challenge to enable school leaders to drive school improvement. The MAT Board of Directors, Raising Achievement Boards and MAT Central Team provide the knowledge, experience and expertise to set the vision of outstanding education. The MAT culture of collaboration is embedded and reinforced by MAT leaders allowing staff at all levels to share innovative ideas, shape effective strategies and embed strong cultures in our schools. The collaboration between school Principals is a key element of our work.

The MAT's focus on curriculum excellence is clear in all of our schools. Our five-year curriculum, delivered by subject experts, contains the best of what has been thought and said. This gives teachers a strong foundation to plan from, allowing them to plan for the needs of classes and individual pupils. Our school benefits significantly from our MAT subject networks. Our MAT commitment to staff wellbeing and reducing workload creates a positive working environment for staff in our schools. Our schools believe in our warm strict approach to behaviour as it creates focused conditions for learning with embedded routines. 

Our strong learning culture is supported by excellent professional and operational staff in the MAT central team. The trust wide collaboration on these key functions enable us to use our resources efficiently and draw on expertise that is not always viable in individual schools. This ensures our staff and pupils receive the best possible support in areas such as pastoral, HR, site, administration and finance. ~ Mark Trimingham, Principal of Heath Lane Academy