Expectations for lessons


Expectations for lessons

Planning and delivery

Ultimately every lesson in the Trust must:

  • Make a difference to pupils’ learning. Pupils must be engaged and interested in their learning. When they leave a lesson they must know, understand, and be able to do more than previously.
  • Be well planned to meet the needs of pupils and the curriculum considering the following guiding questions:
    • What gaps and misconceptions exist from last lesson?
    • What will pupils learn today?
    • How will I teach this to them?
    • How will I know they have learnt it?
    • What misconceptions do I need to avoid this lesson?
    • What key questions will I ask today?
    • Be led by teachers with energy and passion for their subject.


  • The teacher sets high expectations for learning and learning behaviour, and the pupils meet them.
  • Exchanges between the teacher and the pupils are aspirational, warm and promoted love of learning and the subject.
  • Academy procedures, expectations and guidelines are followed.


  • It was clear that the knowledge being taught was challenging for the pupils.
  • The teacher’s command of their subject specialism is evident in the quality of their explanations and questioning.
  • Considered use of resources enhances pupil knowledge and learning.


  • Pupils’ understanding of the learning is secure and deep. The teacher checks pupil understanding and responds through reteaching or moving on as appropriate.
  • The teacher identifies and addresses misconceptions.


  • Teacher models and provides guided practice.
  • Pupils are given opportunities to apply their learning through independent practice.

Assessment and feedback

  • Meaningful assessment is used as a diagnostic tool to assess what pupils have learnt and where there are gaps and misconceptions in their learning. Teachers respond to assessment information and use this to plan their next steps.
  • Pupils receive frequent live feedback on their learning and use this to correct misconceptions and improve their work.