Key Stage 2 -3 Primary to secondary school

All our schools work in closely with their Primary Partner Schools to offer a variety of experiences to Key Stage 2 children. For some children in Year 5 the opportunity to visit their local secondary school can begin the bridging process. ‘Hands on’ activities and lessons involving children from Primary Schools working collaboratively with older pupils develops relationships and new skills. Our established programme called ‘Peek at a Morning’ runs throughout the school year and is focussed around offering a range of curriculum subjects. We also involve external providers to support the activities and learning which makes the experiences memorable.

Our programme is varied and provides curriculum opportunities easing children into a new environment through activities that stimulate and develop their learning. We encourage activities that lead to a ‘take away’ so children take home something they have learnt of made during their visit.

For all children joining the one of MAT schools we offer a three-day induction which is an opportunity to come to school and experience new lessons and a new environment in the July of Year 6. This induction has been very successful at supporting children as they move from primary to secondary school and reduces the anxieties they have about joining a new school. New routines, new teachers, new classrooms and a new timetable are all explored in a friendly and supportive environment as well as the advantage of making new friends before the start of the September term.

Parents comment:

Excellent idea to come for three days. My daughter is happy and now a lot more confident in coming in September

I think this has been great, an excellent bridge for the Year 6‘s my son is excited about starting in September

Fabulous time! – settled the children’s nerves about September