Culture and ethos

We believe in the codification of the academy culture we want to see in all our academies. The standards below operate in addition to individual academy culture and ethos expectations.

  1. All visitors are warmly welcomed within two minutes of arrival, and the safeguarding and security protocols are explained / shared.
  1. Staff acknowledge each other and the pupils as they move around the school with smiles and good morning/afternoon.
  1. During lesson times, any pupil not in a classroom nor accompanied by an adult is calmly questioned and guided by any passing member of staff.
  1. The building is clean and tidy, and both staff and pupils address any problems with litter as they arise.
  1. Displays around the building are well- maintained and reflect excellence, inclusivity, and British Values.
  1. Pupils and staff appear smart, confident, happy in their work and secure.
  1. Lessons are a calm and orderly environment.
  1. During social time, pupils converse and play safely, treating each other kindly
  1. During social time, adults are aware and intervene if any pupil appears isolated.
  1. Everyone is given the time and space to eat healthily at an appropriate time.