Our Principles for Business


Our Principles for Business

 MAT Communication Standards

  • Any parental concern / query raised by phone call or email will be acknowledged as soon as possible, and no later than the following working day after receipt. A response is always required even if it is to say when the issue will be addressed in the future (e.g. ‘Mr X will get back to you on his return to school on Friday.’).
  • The receiver of any concern or query raised by a phone call or email must ensure that it is passed to the appropriate member of staff, and immediately passed to a DSL if this is a safeguarding concern.
  • Where a Principal has determined a key member of staff for a particular family, this needs to be communicated to all who may receive initial communication from this family in order that it can be directed appropriately.
  • Parental newsletters are produced at least half-termly.
  • Websites are updated weekly and all newsletters and letters to parents are put on the website.
  • All communications from the school have Trust branding.
  • The full list of school events and calendar is always updated and available on the website.
  • Parents are informed within the same school day about any injuries or incidents which have occurred, and which may impinge upon the child’s wellbeing

Facilities, Estates and Services
All academies are operated the same in the following:

  • Central contracts e.g., maintenance, cleaning, grounds.
  • Premises management
  • Cashless payment systems (for Catering/Educational Visits/Uniform/Dress Down Day payments)
  • Defect reporting
  • Health and safety
  • Accident reporting
  • IT services and support
  • All classrooms must have a visualiser, screen and computer for teachers to use in lessons.
  • Catering menu

Academies are responsible for the local operation of their site, classroom and learning environment, and lettings.