Our Principles for managing negative behaviour


Our Principles for managing negative behaviour

We want all pupils to enjoy coming to school and ultimately want them to be successful.

The Trust and its academies/schools have high expectations, and as a result provide high support and high challenge to pupils. We expect good behaviour from every pupil. We show pupils what this means by teaching them a behaviour curriculum and supports them in understanding what good behaviour looks like. We provide support for those pupils who need additional help to understand this. By attending a Midland Academies Trust (the Trust) academy/school, pupils and parents/carers are agreeing to uphold and abide by our Behaviour Policy.

This Policy sets out our expectations for all members of our community, pupils and staff. The role of Trust academies/schools goes beyond simply preventing poor behaviour and maintaining good order to systematically promoting positive relationships and good manners. This work involves a clear partnership between parents/carers, the academies/schools and Trust in helping young people become good citizens, able to make a full contribution to society and so live a happy and successful life.4

Our approach to managing behaviour is underpinned by the following objectives:

  1. to provide teaching and learning which fulfils the needs of the individual;
  2. to recognise achievement and engage the pupils in all aspects of academy/school life;
  3. to provide an orderly environment, where pupils and staff are mutually respectful;
  4. to implement rewards and sanctions fairly and without prejudice;
  5. to develop positive relationships with all partners involved in the education of pupils;
  6. to work effectively with parents/carers and the community to ensure the best possible benefit for the pupils.

We are committed to reducing the number of suspensions and permanent exclusions across our academies. We have a ‘ready to learn’ group who discuss best practice, share ideas and strategies for individual/groups of pupils to ensure the very best is in place across our schools. In the event of a potential permanent exclusion based on persistent poor behaviour and breaches of the Trust Behaviour Policy a cross Trust Behaviour Panel will be convened. This group will meet at least half termly, but can meet by exception when a case arises, to review the individual pupil and support and challenge a principal to ensure that every possible action has been taken to mitigate the need for a permanent exclusion. This group is chaired by the Executive Principal with the membership including all academy Principals, the Trust Lead SENCO and Trust Director of Education. This group will work to find solutions and other options to keep a child in mainstream education with the Trust and offer support where needed to ensure this. (This process does not remove the right of a Principal to issue a permanent exclusion in the event of a serious incident as outlined in our behaviour policy).