The Midland Academies Trust has a proactive approach to supporting all pupils through key transition stages.

The term ‘transition’ refers to the changes children and young people go through as they progress between different educational settings and move to employment or training.

Transition brings changes and often these can cause some anxiety for both parents and their children.

Our approach focusses on three main transition points:

  • Key Stage 2 -3                   Primary to Secondary school
  • Key Stage 3- 4                   Subject choices at GCSE and career planning
  • Key Stage 4-5                    Post 16 planning moving from school to FE College, 6th Form,                                            apprenticeship, employment and work.

Moving from one school setting to another can be stressful and at the same time exciting. Our approach is designed to pre-empt possible issues and work to enable all our young people to make the necessary adjustments so that transition is a smooth process.