Students from Heath Lane Academy in Earl Shilton are celebrating as GCSE grades are revealed today. Around 100 students received grades in over 26 different subjects including maths and English.

Principal Megan Morris said, “Results day for our Year 11 students always marks a significant milestone during which they reflect on their school career and the amazing progress that they have made. Today, we are able to reflect on their achievements with pride especially considering the significant challenges they have faced in continuing their studies in spite of the disruption and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus lockdown. I am proud of the way the whole school has community worked together throughout this period and congratulate all those receiving results today on their success. What makes today particularly special for me is the focus on our students, their ambitions, and their next destinations. Today, we concentrate on their dreams; it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be part of that.”

Student Nathaniel Deamer-Fawkes achieved excellent results including Grade 6s and 7s and is going on to North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College (NWSLC) to study engineering at Level 3. Liam Desbrow was awarded grade 6s, 7s and 8s and is going on to study art at NWSLC.

High performing students this year included Amy Archer who achieved four grade 9s in biology, English language, English literature and history plus a grade 8 in citizenship and a grade 7 in chemistry. Her destination is King Edward VI College to study English literature, psychology and history, and her dream is to be an English teacher.

William Delahunty achieved three grade 9s in history, citizenship and geography along with four grade 8s for science, English language, English literature and maths. William’s dream is to be an Oxbridge graduate and become a solicitor. He is moving on St Thomas More Catholic School and Sixth Form College to study A Levels in history, geography and economics.

Skye Jenkins was awarded three grade 8s for chemistry, physics and geography. She also achieved three grade 7s in English, maths and biology. Her dream is to study the sciences and she is moving on to King Edward VI College to study A Level maths, biology and geography. She said, “I’m really proud of my results and I want to thank everyone at Heath Lane.”

Max Shuttlewood achieved two grade 8s in psychology and art plus six grade 7s in maths, English language, English literature, combined science, and geography. Max dreams of working in the world of music and is going to King Edward VI College to study psychology, sociology and music technology.

Caitlin Taylor achieved three grade 8s in English, biology and history, along with three grade 7s in maths, English literature and citizenship. Caitlin’s dream is to work in medicine, and she is moving on to King Edward VI College to study chemistry, biology, maths and psychology. She said, “I am extremely pleased with my GCSE results. I have enjoyed every minute of my time at Heath Lane and couldn't have achieved what I have without the support and encouragement from all the staff. I am now confident that I can go on to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.”

Simon Lomax, Executive Principal of the Midland Academies Trust said, “This year has been exceptionally difficult for our students and I am proud of the way that they have continued with their studies thanks to the ongoing and professional support of their teachers. The cancellation of GCSE exams was unprecedented and highly disappointing, but we are confident that the grades predicted by our teaching staff accurately reflect the achievement of our students and reward them for their progress throughout the year. Pupils at GCSE level have been awarded the higher of their teacher prediction or the exam boards’ calculated grade (the calculations that they have made are based on a blend of school predictions, historical results, and national data.)

“Achieving well at GCSE, especially in the core subjects of maths and English, is so important to students’ future progress. Our teachers have set high expectations of all our students which was maintained throughout the lockdown period, and they have consistently been supported to maintain their learning and continue to progress. Given this unique situation, our focus at this time will be on supporting our students and doing everything we can to ensure that they progress to the next stage of education, training, or employment. Many congratulations to everyone who has received their results today, and we wish them the best of luck for their futures.”