A rapidly improving family of schools

At the Midland Academies Trust,  we have a structured and proven approach to academy improvement.  Through a common approach to curriculum, teaching, climate and collaboration, academies joining our Trust benefit immediately from our collective vision and resource.

Improving pupil outcomes

Outcomes for our pupils are improving rapidly as a result of our approach to teaching and curriculum.

  • Heath Lane Academy was most improved school in Leicestershire in 2019, when measured by improvement in Progress 8.
  • The Nuneaton Academy was the second-most improved school in Warwickshire against the same measure

Improving Ofsted inspections

Recent Ofsted inspections have highlighted the impact of the Trust strategies.

  • The latest inspection at Hartshill Academy recognised the strength of leadership and management and the improvements in curriculum and climate for learning.
  • Heath Lane Academy was graded ‘Good’ on first inspection, with inspectors again praising the Trust curriculum, teaching approaches and positive, purposeful culture.

Improving community confidence

  • Our overall pupil intake numbers continue to grow year on year, reflecting strong community confidence in our Trust approach. In some schools, pupil year group sizes have doubled within a few years.
  • Alongside this, the number of parents or carers selecting a Trust academy as their ‘first choice’ preference continues to increase.